Our Process

There’s a lot to tell, but we like to keep it simple.

1- Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
We ask questions to get insights, to understand your business and connect with your brand stakeholders: owners, clients, employees, suppliers, etc., to find out their needs and what’s important to them.

2- Outline
Using the collected insights, we devise a creative strategy that underscores your brand’s values and purpose, as well as its stakeholders’ experiences.

3- Drafting
Once the strategy is agreed, we get to work on a communications system that builds on your brand stakeholders’ understandings and what they value most.

4- Making it Happen
The next step is to put the communication system into practice, working closely with you to develop clear branding guidelines, that take in account your brand stakeholders’ experiences and your companies’ capabilities.

5- Fine-tune, if needed
The proof is in the pudding and your brand stakeholder needs and wants often change. As a result, we will adjust the communication system if needed, in order to guarantee a better experience, as well as greater business outcomes.

Why Us?

“Why should we go with your agency and not one of the other guys?” Here’s why:

Blend of experience
Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. We couple the enthusiasm and ambition of youth, with the gardened knowledge of experience.

Global outlook
We have a global mindset and reach, but we think and act locally.

We care a lot
Our culture and code are deeply focused on customer service, which means that we will do anything to meet your company’s branding needs.

Your right branding hand
We are your right branding hand, a true extension of your business, as passionate about the outcomes as you are, which leads to long term relationships.

We float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
We are a nimble, highly-skilled team that can pivot on a dime, bringing projects to completion on a tight timeline when necessary.

More bang for your bucks
We stretch your budget by bucking the traditional agency, thanks to our lower internal costs. We don’t have an A, B and C team— only an A team!

Some of What We Do


Brand Architecture

Brand Personality

Brand Positioning

Brand Storytelling

Competitor Audit

Content Strategy

Customer Profiles

Goal Identification

Market Opportunity

Messaging Hierarchy

Branding Identity

Art Direction

Brand Guidelines

Colour Palette




Tone of Voice




Website Design


Marketing Touchpoints

Bespoke Touchpoints

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Brand Films

Brochures & Reports


Investor Presentations


Sales Driving Campaigns

Sales Presentations


Trade Show Stands